So the transit authority has a fancy new blog called

Write on METRO

. You might've heard about it. Or maybe you're more familiar with Laurence Simon's (much better looking)

parody site


Anyway, we here at HouStoned are a nosy bunch, so we sent a message to METRO a couple of weeks ago to find out just how much its "communications Web log specialist" was pulling in. We're old friends, so we were a little surprised when the transit authority made us file the request under the Texas Public Information Act.

Ten days later — wait for it, wait for it — we got the goods.

METRO's blogger makes $76,622 a year. Yep, that's right: Seventy-six thousand, six hundred and twenty two dollars a year. One more time, for the English-impaired: Setenta seis mil, seiscientos veinte dos d�lares.

You can check out the details here. But before you transit-haters get all excited, be sure to have a good look at some of the blogger's job duties on page three.

-- Plans, prepares and disseminates information regarding the organization through blog-based communication network.

-- Manages the research and development of content for publication of product, services and public information.

-- Writes, edits, proofreads, and copyedits material being presented to the public via the blog-based communication network.

-- Works in conjunction with IT to develop and maintain standards for the blog-based communication network.

As you can see, publishing Write on METRO is no ordinary job. You gotta, like, talk to people, and, like, write and edit and all kinds of stuff. It's totally worth $76,622 of your tax dollars. — Keith Plocek

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