Breaking Up Is Hard To Do When Your Girlfriend's Wearing Brass Knuckles

No man really wants to hear "We have to talk" from his girlfriend, really. But he especially doesn't want to hear it if that girlfriend is wearing brass knuckles.

The website Fort Bend Now tells us of the case of one Natalee Stewart, 23, from Humble, who sensed somehow that things were not going exactly right in her relationship with her 24-year-old Missouri City beau.

So she drove over to have a talk with him.

The discussion was apparently neither cerebral nor empathic, according to Fort Bend Now.

The argument began in the man's driveway, but the two then got into the woman's car, [MCPD Captain John] Bailey said. As the argument continued, the woman reached into the car's glove compartment, took out the brass knuckles, put them on and punched her ex-boyfriend, police believe.

Dude, you got into the car with this woman?

"Sure," you no doubt thought, "she's the kind of gal who carries brass knuckles around for protection, and she's extremely pissed at me, but hey, I can handle it."

When police arrived, the unnamed boyfriend (ex-boyfriend by this point, we hope), the guy was bleeding from his right nostril.

Stewart handed over her brass knuckles and was taken into custody.

True love prevailed to some degree, however; the guy refused to press charges.

We can only hope the make-up sex is worth it.

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