The BP oil spill produces its Dylan
The BP oil spill produces its Dylan

Brent Burns: The Gulf Oil Spill Has Found Its Truth-Telling Troubador

The BP oil spill has found its Dylan. Its Phil Ochs. Its Weird Al Yankovic.

Brent Burns has bequeathed upon a grateful nation is epic howl of protest, a trenchant, touching song called "If You Drill, Drill, Drill, Don't Spill, Spill, Spill." Lyrics not by Stephen Sondheim, as you might think from the title, but by Burns himself.

"Get your butts down here and clean this mess....'I'm sorry' is not enough -- you've got to mop it up," sings Burns who, his publicist tells Hair Balls, "burst onto the music scene nationally in 1979 with the second highest debuting single of that year, 'Cheaper Crude Or No More Food.'"

After the jump, the majesty of "Drill, Drill, Drill," complete with the elderly, not-svelte Burns shirtlessly wielding an auger.

Says Burns, "I had to do something and writing songs is what I do. After I finished the song, it cried out for a video so we put one together and posted it on YouTube."

The crying has just begun, sir.

Burns urges everyone to visit and buy CDs.

"100 percent of the profits will not go to BP," he says.

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