Brian Bledsoe And Esther Sustaita: Home-Grilled Meat Spells Doom For Bryan Pair's Alleged Motel Drug Spree

Brian Bledsoe and Esther Sustaita had made all the arrangements, and their alleged Tuesday evening drug bender was going well. They had rented a room at the Travel Lodge on Bryan's Texas Avenue, and the pharmaceutical cornucopia they had on hand would have (mildly) impressed Hunter S. Thompson.

And in a rare touch of suburban domesticity, one of the pair was availing themselves of a charcoal grill just outside the motel-room door. Meat was sizzling and smoke was rising when the cops came by on routine patrol.

And unfortunately, that fragrant grill proved their downfall.

Fearing it was a fire hazard, a patrolman got out and knocked on the door to Sustaita and Bledsoe's room. Sustaita answered. She was issued a warning for the grill, and it was subsequently discovered she was wanted on two Brazos County traffic warrants.

Things continued to unravel for the pair when police were able to search the room, whereupon they discovered that somewhat considerable drug stash: an assortment of "several" kinds of pills, recreational amounts of weed and meth, and an array of the paraphernalia necessary to ingest said substances.

Both were arrested on four charges of possession of a controlled substance, one count of possession of marijuana, one count of possession of a dangerous drug and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

And both were left wondering why they couldn't have just gone to Burger King instead.

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