Brian Joseph Bentley: Giant Sex Offender Tries, Fails To Fly Under Radar

Brian Joseph "Bubbers" Bentley is a big guy, and perhaps it's because he carries close to 400 pounds on his 6-foot frame that police tracked him down Sunday at Galveston County's Mainland Hospital, where he had gone to seek treatment for unspecified ailments.

Galveston County Sheriffs wanted to talk to the Brutus look-alike about his failure to register as a sex offender, despite having lived in Santa Fe since early June. (He had picked up that designation based on a 1992 conviction in California for lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor, for which he was sentenced to five years in prison.)

After a stay in Corsicana, Bentley had since moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas, and it was authorities there who alerted Galveston County police to be on the lookout for the giant alleged perv.

And police say Bentley had easy access to children in his new home, which was situated in a semi-rural area off Highway 6 about halfway between Alvin and Santa Fe.

In fact Bentley was living with several kids in what authorities likened to a squalid commune, replete with fleas and roaches.

The cops and CPS tore this sordid-seeming little playhouse down. Bentley was arrested upon his release from the hospital. After Texas authorities get done with him, he faces more charges in Arkansas. As for the unnamed kids, they were removed from the fleapit by CPS.

PS: Hey ladies -- this big ol' teddy bear is single and "flirty," but judging by his top friends, you'd better rock something upwards of a pair of 44-Ds to apply.

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