Bring on the Reds! Please!

I could never be a major league baseball manager. You see, if I was faced with a team where nearly every starter is involved in a major slump, and I needed to do something to jump start the team, my solution would not be to bench Lance Berkman, nor would it involve placing Morgan Ensberg and Adam Everett back in the lineup. I would also not start Jason Lane, and I wouldn’t have Craig Biggio batting lead off.

But Phil Garner did that last night, so, like I said, I’m obviously not qualified to manage a major league baseball team. (As for Biggio, I guess that Garner doesn’t want to disappoint all of those people within 100 miles of San Francisco who are driving in just to see Biggio hit).

Yes, I know, Phil’s got to play with the hand that he’s been dealt, and GM Tim Purpura’s not really dealt him a good one. But there’s no reason that Jason Lane, Morgan Ensberg, or Adam Everett should be starting. Yeah, I understand the whole lefty/righty match-up thing, but there’s nothing that’s shown me that Ensberg, Everett, and Lane are able to hit anybody.

If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably guessed that the Astros lost yet again last night. This time, the final was 8-1. But the score was 3-1 until the seventh inning when Phil felt that he needed to use the 11th and 12th pitchers on his roster. Nice work, Rick White and Brian Moehler.

The rumor is that last night’s starter, Matt Albers, is soon to be on his way back to the minors so that Jason Jennings can come off of the disabled list. But, while Albers hasn’t been that good, I really would like for someone to explain to me just what it is that White and Moehler have done to deserve a spot on any major league roster.

The Giants swept this series with the Astros, and the team’s record dropped to 21-25 for the season. The Astros have lost four straight games, and have lost six of the last seven. But, since the Brewers also lost, the Astros didn’t lose any ground.

The Astros now head off to Phoenix for four games with the D-Backs. Maybe Chron writer Jesus Ortiz can get the whole Astros-management-is-racist thing going again, especially if Houston-native Chris Young beats up on the ‘Stros again.

And, as you may remember, Jesus Ortiz picked the Astros to win 93 games for the season, along with the World Series. I just thought that I would remind everybody of that. As part of that pick, Ortiz had the Astros going 16-13 for May with a record at the end of the month being 31-23. There are now seven games left in the month. If the Astros win them all – yeah, right – the team will finish the month at 18-11, and would be 28-25 for the season. I don’t see it happening.

There is some good news. The Astros end the month by playing the Cincinnati Reds three times. And the Reds have been the Astros’ bitch this season. So, maybe there is some hope for the team finishing the month on a winning streak. – John Royal

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