Houston Humane Society to Provide Free Neuter Services at Annual Fix Felix Event

Pet owners will bring their furry friends for free neutering services at the Houston Humane Society's annual Fix Felix event.
Pet owners will bring their furry friends for free neutering services at the Houston Humane Society's annual Fix Felix event. Photo by Houston Humane Society

The Houston Humane Society is attempting to double the number of surgical neuters they did prior to the pandemic, as they bring back their Fix Felix event.

The event, which will be held on February 15, is aimed at curbing the increasing number of stray cat populations by providing those who attend free neuters for male cats, said Dr. Tony Malone, a veterinarian with the Houston Humane Society.

“Overpopulation of stray pets is not just a crisis in Houston, we’re kind of the epicenter of it all, but estimates show that the stray cat population in the U.S. could rise to over 11 million just in eight years’ time,” said Malone.

Prior to the pandemic, the Fix Felix event hit a record high of 821 surgical neuters. This time around, the Humane Society is aiming to hit its target goal of 1,500 surgical neuters.

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At this year's Fix Felix event, the Humane Society is hoping to double the number of procedures done at past Fix Felix days.
Photo by Houston Humane Society

“Neutering a male cat is a fairly quick procedure and having male cats taken out of the equation, not being able to breed with the female cats, helps that overpopulation that we’re seeing in domestic cats here in Houston,” said Malone.

The Humane Society also provides spay services to these female cats, through their Spay Day event, however this will be held later in the month of February, according to Malone.

Pet owners and those who are bringing in stray animals will need to bring all cats in contained pet carriers to ensure the safety of all the animals. “People need to make sure their animal is contained in a safe carrier, not something that they make up to put the cat in, but an actual pet carrier,” said Malone.

Volunteer veterinarians from clinics in the area will be assisting Malone and other Humane Society veterinarians to perform these procedures.

All attendees are asked to pre-register, as there are only 1,500 surgeries spots available. Each pet owner or volunteer is permitted to bring a maximum of five cats. No walk-ins will be accepted the day of the event. According to Malone, spots are filling as the Humane Society is currently scheduled at 493 procedures and has 208 requests pending.

Those who attend will be required by law to show each animals’ rabies vaccination certificate or to purchase a rabies vaccination the day of the event if their animal does not have one.

When: Wednesday, February 15, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Houston Humane Society, 14700 Almeda

To Pre-register: Visit the Houston Humane Society’s event page

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