Brittany Martinez: EMT Hired Hit Man to Kill Her Firefighter Husband

An emergency medical technician has been charged with hiring a hit man to kill her husband, a Houston firefighter.

Court records show Brittany Martinez, 24, paid $1,000 and provided a work schedule and tips on how best to off her husband, Adrian Ray Martinez. She didn't micromanage things, though: Although she warned the hit man about security cameras across the street from the firehouse where the hit was to take place earlier this month, "she did not care what type of weapon was to be used, she just wanted the job done," court documents say.

One thing she was sure of: She wanted her husband killed before he discovered she had taken the $1,000 out of their bank account because, you know, that would entail a kinda awkward conversation.

Court documents say that Martinez did what everyone does when they're looking for a hit man to kill their husband: She asked the manager of the family's favorite Casa Olé restaurant to do the job.

She told him in January she was having marital problems and wanted her husband killed. The manager told her he couldn't do it himself, and Martinez told him she "was okay with someone else committing the murder, but she just did not want to meet or come in contact with the person" doing the job, court documents state.

She gave the manager cash, a picture of her husband, his work schedule with the dates of March 3 and March 5 circled, and the tip about the security cameras.

Later, the manager called her and taped the conversation, records say. She told him, among other things, the hit man should park a block away from the firehouse and make sure to do the killing in the back parking lot.

She's charged with the felony of solicitation of murder.

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