Brittany Martinez: Lawyer, Husband Astonished at Light Sentence

Would-be husband-killer Brittany Martinez felt the swift hammer of Texas justice this week when a Harris County District Court judge sentenced her to eight whole years of probation, and the husband and his lawyer are befuddled.

Robert Kuehm, who represents Houston firefighter Adrian Martinez, told Hair Balls, "Adrian's just extremely disappointed...this doesn't really do anything to punish her for what she's truly done here."

Brittany Martinez pleaded guilty to one of the less-thought-out contract killings in recent history: She asked a dude she knew at Casa Ole to off her husband, and he told the cops. What's particularly disturbing, though, is that she wanted her husband killed while on duty, so she could collect benefits.

Meanwhile, the couple is duking it out in family court, and Kuehm said his client hopes the couple's two young children will be protected. One of the issues at hand is "What access [to the kids], if any, she should have in the future," Kuehm said.

Brittany Martinez had previously been allowed supervised visitation, but the judge in the criminal case suspended all visitation, Kuehm said.

Kuehm said he has no idea why she got such a light sentence, but speculated that "maybe the fact that she claimed to have psychiatric problems...weighed upon the judge."

Well, hey -- if Brittany Martinez starts dating again, at least she'll have a funny story to tell on the first date!

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