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Browns Now Trying To Trade Former Texans QB Brock Osweiler

Hugh Jackson with an up close look at Brock Osweiler's odd fundamentals.
Hugh Jackson with an up close look at Brock Osweiler's odd fundamentals. Screen grab from Youtube
Back in March, when the Houston Texans traded Brock Osweiler to Cleveland WITH a second round pick (not FOR a second round pick... WITH a second round pick, that's how horrific Osweiler was in 2016), the draft pick was given front billing on the press release, almost as if it were an actual person, while Brock Osweiler was hardly mentioned, squeezing into the final paragraph as an afterthought.

At the time of the deal, the thought was that the Browns would try to flip Osweiler to another team for another draft choice while picking up a chunk of his guaranteed $16 million salary for the upcoming season. However, a funny thing happened on the way to trading Osweiler — the Browns seemingly took a liking to him during OTAs and minicamp, despite his continued penchant to say absurdly stupid things with the cadence of a third grader.

The Browns gave Osweiler reps with the first unit, and took to him so intensely that even future Hall of Fame tackle Joe Thomas was giving Osweiler a public endorsement, going so far as to say that Osweiler had the coveted "it factor." (NOTE: Other things Thomas probably sees having the "it" factor — sewage, humidity, long lines, David Schwimmer.)

Well, it appears that the goodwill Brock built up his first few months in Cleveland, goodwill that may or may not have been an act just to drive the re-trade scenario home, has come completely undone after two preseason starts, the latter of which saw him go 6 of 8 for 25 yards, and an interception by Jason Pierre-Paul that came off a tipped pass, which is hilarious when you consider a) Brock is six-foot-seven and had a pass tipped, and b) Pierre-Paul has 8.5 fingers.

Perhaps the most remarkable math embedded in Osweiler's performance is the 25 yards on SIX completions. That's just over four yards a completion, which you practically have to be TRYING to do. In short, Brock stinks and his contract might be the worst in the NFL free agency history, which is saying something when you consider how perennially desperate NFL teams are for decent signal callers.

Oh, and the Browns have now apparently punted on Osweiler as an option at quarterback, reportedly sitting him for the Preseason Week 3 game against Tampa Bay this weekend:

Rookie DeShone Kizer will get the start, a development that does not seem to bother the happy go lucky Osweiler:

"I've told you guys all along, I'm always going to just focus on the things that I can control," Osweiler said. "Right now, that's being a great teammate, that's continuing to prepare, be a pro, stay in the playbook and continue to strive to be a better player every day.

"Our general manager and our head coach, they decide who plays and how much they play. As players, all we can do is make the most of the opportunity."

Asked what would have to happen for him to win the job, his response was, "I think that's a great question for our general manager."

When asked about Osweiler's reference to GM Sashi Brown, Jackson said, "It's my decision. I don't know where that came from."

Now, the rumors are swirling that the Browns intend to move Osweiler, but honestly, what team in their right mind will take on his $16 million guaranteed salary? Nobody will, so how much will it cost the Browns in salary paid to Osweiler to trade him for a draft pick? And what team is in need of a lanky, dopey, giraffe of a QB whose delivery is as slow as a windmill, and whose pocket IQ is that of a turnip?

Tony Grossi, who covers the Browns for, has one idea...
There is no way the football gods will be that kind to Houston. No chance.

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