Brutal Mosquito Season Yet Another Fabulous Part of Houston Summer

The heat. The humidity. The giant roaches. And, yes, the mosquitoes. If you haven't been outside (hey, good for you), it might be a good idea to consider covering yourself in a thin layer of repellent when and if you do. Last night, sitting in my backyard, it was as if an army of tiny assassins was attacking me from all angles. I swear to God, I am convinced they were swimming in the insect repellent I had, drinking it like it was wine.

According to a report from Fox26, these are marsh mosquitoes that have come in from the coast with the tropical moisture. Marsh mosquitoes are particularly bad and there are a lot of them in the area now. I'm guessing something like 10 gajillion and that's just in my neighborhood.

Harris County Mosquito Control has said the good news is that these aren't the kind that carry diseases like West Nile. In fact, they've seen a decrease in those insects since last year. So, count your blessings?

Unfortunately, they will be around until we get a good freeze or, of course, the rapture, whichever comes first. In Houston, my money is on the rapture.

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