Bucket Brigade in Westbury

Much of the Westbury area, like the rest of the Houston area, was full of fallen trees in the aftermath of Ike.

Personally speaking, we came through Ike all right –- a corrugated-metal canopy in the backyard collapsed, some siding flew off from the house, but that was about it. No trees fell on the house (indeed, most of the downed neighborhood trees seemed to miss houses), and my wife and kid even managed to sleep through the worst.

But then there was the pool.

I’d drained it before Ike, and managed to drain just barely enough. As we checked things out Saturday, water was lapping at the very edge of the top.

With power out, there was only one way to go – a bucket brigade. My kid and I grabbed some buckets, filled them and walked them out to the driveway to dump, so we wouldn’ t ruin the grass. (That request came from my wife.)

We got it down enough. Until that goddamn cold front came through.

So as dawn broke Sunday morning, with huge sheets of rain pouring down, there we were –- three of us, my wife and I knee-deep in the pool, my kid bending down from the side (ah, to have a young back again), furiously bailing out over the side (take that, grass!) like shipwrecked sailors in a leaking lifeboat.

It’s nothing, of course, compared to what others went through and are still going through.

But it is a helluva way to start a day. -- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.