Budweiser -- The King of Landfill Biogas

Yes, we all know Budweiser is going to be purchased by some Belgian company.

And what do the Belgians know about beer? (Don't answer.)

But good news for Houston Bud drinkers!! If you were tempted to boycott the beer because it's un-American, think again: Drink it because it's pro-Earth, or Going Green, or whatever the phrase of the moment is when it comes to things ecological.

Your Bud plant in Houston, the behemoth out by 610 East, will now be powered -- via a six-mile pipeline -- with "biogas" from the McCarty Landfill. (If they just spelled "bio-gas" with a hyphen we wouldn't mispronounce it in our heads each time we read it, dammit.)

Sounds delicious, huh?

Allied Waste and Budweiser announced today a joint project where biogas that is "naturally produced through waste decomposition at the landfill" gets shipped to the brewery to power their various things that need powering.

We've been to landfills, and the smell of biogas being "naturally produced through waste decomposition" is not a pleasant one.

But don't tell that to Steve Ghiglieri, Senior Plant Manager of Anheuser-Busch's Houston brewery. He loooves biogas.

"We routinely evaluate innovative energy technologies to help support our operations and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels," he said. "When combining the fuel we collect from the landfill with the existing biogas collected...we anticipate more than 70 percent of the fuel we use will be produced from non-fossil fuel alternative sources."

We now open the floor to beer snobs, who will opine that the taste of Bud wouldn't be much better if you added horse piss to the recipe. May you be forced to spend your days drinking Natty Lights.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.