Buffalo Bills Fans Tweet Their Hatred For Mario Williams

Hard to believe now, but there was a time not too long ago when Texan fans openly debated the appropriate amount for the Texans to allocate this past offseason to re-sign defensive end/outside linebacker/chronic underachiever Mario Williams. Sure, the Texans defense was just fine without Mario for the final eleven games of 2011 (Actually, they were finer than practically every other team's defense in the league), but imagine the level they could take it to if they brought Mario back, said conventional wisdom.

That's how the argument in favor of locking Mario up went. Thankfully, those Texan fans even entertaining that idea lost the argument, and $96 million later ($50 million guaranteed), Mario Williams was signed, sealed, and delivered to Buffalo, hailed as the savior for a Bills defense that allowed the most points in the AFC in 2011.

Well, so far, it's gone less than swimmingly for "Super" Mario. (Because of the Super Mario Brothers video game, regardless of how shitty you are at your job, your nickname is "Super" Mario. Mario Williams is proof of this.)

It started with a 48-28 loss to the Jets opening weekend (a Jets team that's gone on to score 33 points in its other three games combined) and, sandwiched around a couple wins against wretched Kansas City and winless Cleveland, there was Sunday's 52-28 loss to the New England Patriots.

Sunday was especially painful for Bills' fans because to them Sunday's game is the reason that they collectively greenlighted the signing of Mario as the "right move." The path back to glory runs through Foxborough, at least that's how Bills Fan feels. Here's your money, Mario, now go beat the Pats! Sack Tom Brady!

However, the Bills are quickly finding out what Texan fans (the right-thinking ones, at least, that were ready to give Mario a ride to the airport to get him the fuck out of here) have been shouting from the rooftops for some time -- Mario is a null set who does most of his sack-compiling in huge bunches against bad teams.

Through four games this season as a Bill, Mario has accumulated a paltry 7 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and 1 pass defended. In contrast, the actual best defensive player in football (as opposed to the guy who's merely paid like it), J.J. Watt, has stacked up 20 tackles, 7.5 sacks, 5 passes defended, 2 fumble recoveries and a level of adulation from Texan fans that Mario would have needed a telescope to locate during his time here.

In short, Mario Williams is (still) what he is -- a largely uninspiring, very rich, physical specimen, who by signing with Buffalo has rendered himself irrelevant on the NFL landscape for the rest of his prime playing years.

But don't take it from me, take it from Bills fans!

The nice thing about 2012 is that I don't need to be a mouthpiece for a fan base or make baseless assumptions about what they might be thinking. We have social media to allow the voices of the voiceless to be heard.

Along those lines, Twitter was not kind to Mario Williams (@bbwolf94, if you need him) on Sunday. Now, he may or may not have noticed, seeing as he hasn't tweeted in over two months, but the point of this exercise is to gauge the temperature of a mystified fan base and admittedly take pleasure in Mario being their problem and not our problem.

So let's go to the Twitter footage, shall we?

It actually started off all right for Mario on Sunday, with a handful of Bills fans trying to get him pumped up before the game. Let's keep in mind that despite their $100 million free agent's virtual no-show, this was still a team ready to move to 3-1 on the season if they beat New England.

The Bills hate Tom Brady and Mario was going to be the problem solver:

Hell, even Mario Williams brother was getting some love!

However, it quickly went downhill during and after the game. It started with subtle reminders that the game had started (in case Mario didn't know):

Then his mom got dragged into it:

And then it was on...

In short, I think this one about sums up Mario's season so far....

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