Bugs: There Are Two States Actually Buggier Than Texas

Houston, as you slap your arms, face and neck while trying to enjoy a sunset, reassure yourself that things could be worse: You could be in Florida or Louisiana.

Those two states are officially and somewhat scientifically more bug-infested than Texas, according to an industry survey.

The least buggiest state of all? South Dakota. (Actually, Washington, D.C., but that's not a state.

BASF, a chemical company that makes all sorts of bug-killing paraphenalia, conducted a survey and studied sales patterns to come up with their findings.

"The survey findings mirror what we see in real life," said Dr. Bob Davis, Chief Entomologist at BASF. "Ants are pervasive throughout the United States, while termites tend to be most prevalent in the West, South and Southeast."

After Texas, the top ten consisted of California, Georgia, New York (lots of bedbugs), Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri and South Carolina.

Shockingly, BASF's study also showed that most homeowners would be better off hiring a professional exterminator, no doubt armed with industrial-strength BASF products, to handle the problem.

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