Building The New YMCA From Above

The old Downtown YMCA does have its architectural charms, but this is Houston, and we tear such things down and put up gleaming new glass towers.

That's what's happening at the corner of Milam & Pease (across the street from the Houston Press, as it happens). Construction has been going on for a while now, and Daniel Marshall has been working the huge crane -- and taking pictures.

"I have a unique job that not everyone is able to perform mostly due to the height involved with the climb and the operations through a normal day's workload," Marshall tells Hair Balls.

Once he gets up there each day, he has to deal with "the constant sway and movement of this crane with every pick and wind load that is exerted on it everyday. Most people are not able to withstand this profession so we are a unique people who operate these beasts high above the rest of the world."

He says a military career helped prepare him for the job.

Here's some pictures he's taken to pass the time; here's a fuller slideshow.

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