Bullying Turns Into Assault for 16-Year-Old Girl

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Lorenthia Richardson, a single mother of two, dropped off her 16-year-old daughter at the Girls and Boys Preparatory Academy on West Bellfort, not knowing that a regular day at school would result in her daughter becoming the victim of an assult.

On Monday, January 14, Richardson's daughter was walking towards the school cafeteria when she heard a crowd of boys she did not know laughing behind her. She paid no attention, until one began to tease her. She insisted on being left alone but the boy, who also attends the school, refused to stop. She yelled for a teacher when the boy blocked her way, but decided to take matters into her own hands by pouring milk on him. He grabbed her by the hair and hit her more than ten times, causing her to lose four of her front teeth, according to the victim's mother.

Lorenthia Richardson is upset with the way the school handled the situation. "I am angry about my daughter being assaulted by the hands of a guy, which caused her to lose her four front teeth, and the plate in the back of her mouth has been shifted," she said.

Her daughter claims there were no adults around and students broke up the fight. After the altercation, Richardson was sent to the nurse station at the school, where she waited covered in blood for her mom, with no medical attention.

According to Lorenthia Richardson, the school does not have a nurse on duty. It wasn't until the victim's mother made an ambulance call that the younger Richardson was treated for her injuries. EMTs advised her mother to take Brejuan to an emergency orthodontist. Additionally, Lorenthia called the Houston Police Department to file a report, and the suspect was arrested and charged with assault.

Since the assault, Brejuan has continued to be bullied by classmates through social media. The messages included "She got what she deserved" and "Make sure it happens during lunch so I can record it."

On Thursday, Brejuan's mother held a press conference saying she wants justice for her daughter.

"I want him to be expelled. He shouldn't be able to be around other people's daughters after he assaulted a female," she said. "We have a lot of domestic violence going on, and that is because guys at an early age think that it is okay to assault a female."

According to Lorenthia Richardson, the school has threatened to expel her daughter, explaining she will attend a meeting on Friday where a decision will be made.

"If she is expelled, she won't be able to go to another school for the rest of the school year," she said. "She can transfer to another school if they would give me her transcripts and not expel her for something that she didn't bring to happen to herself."

Principal Joseph Cuillier told the Houston Press there were six teachers on duty the day of the incident and said the fight was broken up by adults. According to Cuillier, the school has only had three fights in the year he has been there.

Lorenthia Richardson has a message for parents of students attending the school: "I can tell they are trying to cover this incident up, and I can tell the parents to read the reviews on this school. Do not send your kids here."

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