Bummer: Downtown YMCA to Be Demolished

We can’t help but be a little bummed about the news that the Downtown YMCA is slated for demolition, even though it looks like the new building might wind up right next door to the Houston Press. The new digs will probably be nice and shiny, but there’s just something authentic about working out in that brick building on Louisiana, with old hairy dudes throwing around medicine balls and young hairy dudes trolling the showers. The vibe is kind of Jack Lalanne by way of – yep, here it comes – the Village People.

According to the Chron, the existing building, home to the Y for 67 years, will be purchased by Chevron for a use to be determined at a later date. The new building, which just might be on the block bordered by Milam, Jefferson, Travis and Pease, will be state of the art (of course) and, perhaps most important, will not have any short-term residential units. Separating the drifters from the lifters might not be the most C thing for the YMCA to do, but we do admit it’ll be nice to not have people asking for change when you’re walking into the building in a swimsuit.

Sorry, buddy, I’d like to help you out, but all I’ve got in my netting underwear is...yeah, sorry. -- Keith Plocek

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