Bunnies Left Homeless By Fire Need Help

Three women were killed in a Katy house file yesterday that also has left animal rescuers scrambling to take care of 23 rabbits.

"URGENT HELP NEEDED: TRAGEDY LEAVES BUNNIES HOMELESS," reads the bulletin from Special Pals, a rescue organization.

Workers and firefighters saved 23 rabbits, the group said, but "Many more bunnies were lost in the fire. Special Pals is in desperate need of bunny food, fresh vegetables, fresh hay & other supplies for these little survivors."

Some of the rabbits required CPR and other care to fight smoke inhalation, the group says.

"Volunteers are urgently needed to help clean & care for the rabbits," Special Pals says. The rabbits will be put up for adoption once they recover.

They're also taking financial donations. You can call the shelter at 281-579-3787 for more info.

Here's a photo of one of the animals being treated, in case you wondered what it looks like.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly