Bunny Time: Playboy Casting Call Comes To Houston

Playboy is looking for new talent in Houston next week on Tuesday and Wednesday. The magazine, now in it's 58th year of shaping the lives and minds of men -- and women -- of all ages hosts casting calls around the world looking for the next Claire Sinclair or Sara Jean Underwood. Go ahead and use that Google tool now; we'll wait.

The mag put out a press release last week ahead of next week's Houston hunt, imploring our city's sexiest candidates to show themselves at the upcoming two-day event. You must set an appointment time to come by the hotel location to audition. The "upcoming modeling opportunities" noted in the release could mean anything, from centerfolds to appearances in the Playboy Cyber Club and the special edition issues.

2010 Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk and Miss May 2011, Sasha Bonilova, both came from casting calls like the one coming to Houston next week. Dworaczyk was discovered at a Dallas call a few years back.

The link included in the press release we received sends you to a Playboy site with a list of eight steps to follow leading up to your big (naked) shot at Playboy immortality. The site doesn't necessarily say you will be getting nude at your audition either. There is also a handy motivational video embedded about auditioning for Playboy.

Most of the eight tips are no-brainers, like exercising and eating right ahead of the casting call, getting plenty of sleep the night before, and picking the right outfit. They also stress that less is more when it comes to the hair and make-up you throw on before your test shoot.

The organizers do not openly publicize where the auditions are held in order to cut down on the creeper factor, or for possibility of made-for-TV movie fodder. "Psycho terrorizes half-naked girls at hotel," that sort of thing. If you don't want to attend an audition you can always submit photos online and wait for a response too, though that takes the fun out of being able to silently hate on the other girls at the audition.

Stacy Collins, Executive Editor for Playboy Special Editions, is helping coordinate the casting calls next week, and for the past decade she has seen a rise in tattoos and piercing in the talent pool.

"We've seen an increase in the number of girls who've chosen to express their individuality with tattoos and piercings. One of the biggest recent trends is dermal piercing, where girls are having small studs with crystals placed on their neck, hips and lower backs. Recently, we've also seen a surge of feather hair extensions," she says. But what defines your typical Playboy beauty?

"(She's) the quintessential girl-next-door -- she is the perfect combination of beauty, charm and brains, but she also embraces her femininity and sensuality and she's not afraid to express it," Collins says.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.