Burglar Unknowingly Steals Museum-Quality World War II Stuff

A Houston burglar was doing what he does in a Spring Branch house -- grabbing electronics and jewelry -- when he noticed two FedEx packages filled with something. He grabbed them and took off.

"He probably thought they had Christmas presents in them," Amy Smith, Crime Stoppers spokeswoman, tells Hair Balls.

What they had, though, was something very different -- an eclectic collection of World War II memorabilia that had been displayed in the Anne Frank Center in New York and was about to be shipped to the WWII Museum in New Orleans.

Guy Boyer, who died in 1997, had been an Army engineer with a habit of picking up odds and ends as he went about his job -- pins, coins, paper money, flags and armbands. He didn't show it much when he got home, but his daughter discovered it after he died.

She has since loaned it out to museums.

"It's priceless, but you can't really say what it's worth," Smith says.

Crime Stoppers is offering a$5,000 reward for tips, and of course tipsters can remain anonymous. Call 713-222-TIPS if you see anyone nervously trying to unload World War II stuff.

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