Buried Treasure Found In Galveston

Michael Pate, a contractor helping clean up Ike debris off Galveston beaches, noticed a sturdy US Army ammunition box half-buried in the sand earlier this month.

Thinking it'd be useful, he dug it out and opened it. Inside was a somewhat odd collection of stuff, the Galveston County Daily News reports:

a pair of diamond rings; dog tags; military medals, possibly from the Vietnam War or World War II; an 1863 Confederate $50 bill; silver certificates with serial numbers in consecutive order; silver bracelets; watches; an Art Donovan football card; and a mint condition, glass, Model A Ford radiator cap.

An Art Donovan card?

Anyway, the story took a bizarre twist.

The box also contained photos and ID documents, so the owner was tracked down relatively easily.

And he's in state jail, serving two years for vehicular manslaughter.

John Sidwell sounds like a real prince:

On Aug. 7, 2004, Galveston police said one John A. Sidwell struck three pedestrians walking on the seawall. His truck was said to have been traveling about 60 mph when it swerved onto the sidewalk, hit a man and two women and a parked surrey.

The driver reportedly tried to back up and leave the scene with a 41-year-old Pasadena woman still trapped underneath, according to a Daily News article published the following day. A New Orleans man was critically injured.

Bystanders pulled the driver from the truck and detained him until police arrived.

Well, at least he knows now where his Art Donovan card is.


-- Richard Connelly

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