Bush Intercontinental Doesn't Suck, No Matter What You Think

Remember this as you fight your way through the never-ending construction and the other annoying delays at Bush Intercontinental this weekend: It could be a whole lot worse.

At least that's what website The Daily Beast thinks. It's named Bush the best airport in America.

We're not kidding.

Listen to them enthuse:

The Continental hub ranked near the top in every one our criteria, and in terms of getting away during Thanksgiving, it was tops. "Because of our climate and geographical location we don't have as many delays, other than those that are associated with weather," says Eric Potts, interim director of the City of Houston's Department of Aviation. A planned $1.2 billion expansion plan on one of its terminals promises to make travel through the hub even more efficient.

What were the criteria? Most statues of one-term presidents?

Nope. The website looked at on-time performance in regular and peak periods, security wait times, tarmac delays and amenities. Oh, and accidents, which we guess is pretty important.

The answers defied easy categorization. The top three--Houston's Bush Intercontinental, Los Angeles' LAX and Phoenix's Sky Harbor--are the kind of big airport hubs people tend to dread. The bottom of the list, meanwhile, is full of several airports that have sometimes been considered state-of-the-art.

Contrarian thinking!! Who would ever expect that from a web listicle?!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.