Well, at least it looks odd.
Well, at least it looks odd.

Bush Intercontinental's Billion-Dollar Terminal Renovation: Things That Have Cost Less

Mayor Annise Parker has announced a billion-with-a-friggin'-b expansion and renovation of Terminal B at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

According to a release, the new Terminal B will feature:

-- A wide connecting bridge to a modern central passenger lounge -- Spacious passenger lounge areas with ample concession choices, restroom facilities and expansive tarmac views -- A high-efficiency boarding process that will allow for up to 30 flights to depart through three main boarding zones -- Durable and modern interior finishes -- A flexible gate layout that will accommodate aircraft today and in the future

"As the largest hub for the largest airline in the world, Bush Intercontinental is positioned to serve the world as United builds its global network," Parker said. "Our airport serves as one of the most important economic engines in Houston and we are committed to expanding the portal to our global business connections."

Yeah, but a billion dollars for a passenger lounge, a shopping mall and some jetways?

Here are things that cost less than the newly renovated Terminal B:

Reliant Stadium: At $352 million -- and with the inevitable cost overruns for the new project -- you could build three Reliant Stadiums for one Terminal B. And the Texans would still stink in each of them, we're sure.

Reliant Stadium, Toyota Center and Minute Maid Park combined: Throw all their construction costs together, put them into 2010 dollars, and you come up with just a little over a billion. And yes, the relevant teams would still stink in them, too.

Metro's new East End light rail line: We think. At least so far.

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