Bush Or No Bush? You Tell Me.

I was having lunch with a few friends the other day, when one of the men at the table started describing the selection of magazines available at his barbershop.

"Basically, he's got Playboys from 1989 and everything. And some even older. You know, when the models had..." and at this stopped talking and motioned to his crotch.

For a moment, I thought I was unaware of a brief but glorious time in Playboy's history when pre-operative transsexuals were widely featured, but I quickly realized he was not motioning to his penis, but to his bush.

He was referring to that brief but glorious time when women were photographed with the full-on bush that God gave them. We are talking full on pubic hair. No Brazilians, no landing strips, no strip o' fuzz, but the hair that's there.

"What do you prefer?" I asked the men at the table (I was truly curious), and soon, a short yet heated debate erupted about bush v. no bush. Another man at the table suggested that he was a full-bush man, while the barbershop aficionado seemed to imply that he preferred his ladies without any hair "down there."

Frankly, folks, I think it's time we brought back the bush in pop culture. I'm talking bush in movies, magazines, and late night Cinemax. Because please, what weird planet are we living on when we try to make women's vaginas look like they belong to a 10-year-old girl? Am I the only person who finds this intensely creepy? Little girls do not have hair on their vaginas.  Adult women do. Yet some men want little girl vaginas. Blech.

Bush hair serves a purpose, protecting women from bacteria and infection. Pubes also help us to hold on to our pheromones, allowing us to send out our mating calls, in a sense. (Or, in a scent...ha ha.) A full bush is a sign you are a grown woman, ready to take on the world and whatever it brings you. Hef, are you listening?     

Men aren't the only ones out there who like no bush. I know there are some ladies who claim that once you have a Brazilian, you'll never go back. But honestly, if I'm going to allow someone to pour hot wax on my vag and rip it off, I think they should be paying me.  

Ladies, accept your bush. Gents, accept that women have bush hair. We need to band together to bring back the pop culture bush. Now who's with me?

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