Bush Visit Causing Gridlock, Galveston Reporter Claims

Thanks a lot, President Bush.

According to Leigh Jones, the Galveston County Daily News reporter who's Twittering her reporting from around the battered island, Bush's visit there is hampering relief workers.

"Emergency personnel can't get over the causeway because the president is here. No one can move around the island. Gridlock is crazy," she wrote.

Later, she adds, "I hope the island can get some benefit from this presidential visit."

Some of the problems are also due to residents being allowed to come back for what's being called "look and leave."

Their cars will be marked "LL" with shoe polish as they come to town; they'll be allowed to check their property and then be forced to leave, Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas has announced.

The policy may not last long, though. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that I-45 is paralyzed, with a two-mile back-up from Texas 519.

That's hurting relief efforts, the Chron reports.

"Our resources are not able to get through," said TxDOT spokeswoman Raquelle Lewis. "We have National Guard sitting in traffic, we have our crews sitting in traffic, we have FEMA resources sitting in traffic."

-- Richard Connelly

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