Bush-whacked fo' Sho

Courtesy of USC Sports Information
Yes Reg, we know: You could be doing this here...

It's Friday, and I'm already dreading the upcoming Monday Night Football game betwixt the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints. It's not just that the thought of having to hear Joe Theismann deftly work a reference in about his Hall of Fame career makes my toenails curl. Nah, it's purely a sports thing.

Should Dallas prevail, everyone will immediately begin beating the Terrell Owens/Bill Parcells thing into the ground. (Same thing if they lose). And you know, there just hasn't been enough coverage of T.O. lately.

And of course, should New Orleans win, it will mostly like be with the help of one Reggie Bush. Mr. Bush, you may recall, was available when a certain NFL team in Houston was picking first in the recent college draft. Bush recently ran for 59 yards on six carries, which suggests he's probably as explosive as some of us thought.

Disgruntled, I visited ESPN's pro football site. I found that you can ask a question of annoying commentator Tony Kornheiser, who's an unfortunate addition to the MNF lineup. Kornheiser apparently picks certain questions to read and answer during the Monday Night broadcast. Curiosity piqued, I left a question for Korn. Here's what ESPN.com let me post:

Hey Tony, this next MNF game presents a conundrum for Houston fans. If Dallas wins, we have to suffer through Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his pompous, Botoxed grin. If New Orleans wins, we'll just be reminded that we probably should've taken Reggie Bush with the No. 1 pick in the draft. It's a lose-lose situation, no?

Also, have you seen Snakes on a Plane yet? Crazy, huh? --Hopeless in H-town

Okay, Kornheiser, you've got the ball. Don't fumble it. I'll be watching Monday night. -- Steven Devadanam

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