Photos by Robb Walsh
Coco Frio in Rio.

Bust a 'nut

Looking for a refreshing lunch sipper? Drop that Fanta. Step away from the Pabst. Food critic Robb Walsh has a treat for you -- and you don't have to worry about those pesky cans...

Cold coconuts are cheaper than bottled water in Rio de Janeiro. The vendor hacks off the top and gives you a straw when you order it so you know its sanitary. Coconut water is a little sweet, a little tart and extremely thirst-quenching. After a while, you get addicted to the things.

Driving down Harrisburg on Friday afternoon, I noticed a sidewalk fruit stand with a sign that said "cocos frios." And since it was hot as hell outside and I was parched, I pulled the car over and bought one.

Coco frio on Harrisburg.

A cold coconut costs $3 on Harrisburg, which is three times what they cost in Rio, but it sure tasted good. Coconut water is a lot better for you than Diet Coke too. Angela, the watermelon vendor keeps her coconuts in a cooler under plenty of ice so they're extra cold. -- Robb Walsh


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