Butt-Dialing "Hide the Gun in Them Woods" Makes an Investigator's Job Easier

A wild and wooly rural chase over some road hunting ended with one of the simpler investigations the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has likely had to conduct.

According to info released by TPWD today, wardens received a call about possible road-hunting going on near Red River and Bowie counties (Urbanites: Road-hunting is a no-no.)

This being rural Texas, with a man's wildlife at stake, steps were taken beyond just calling the wardens: "The property owner and his wife were outside at the time and after hearing shots, the husband, who had been drinking, jumped into his vehicle and began to chase the hunters. While in pursuit, in an attempt to stop the hunters, the man began shooting a pistol out of his window." (We assume this was playing at the time.)

Unfortunately, the driver rammed the hunters' vehicle, flipped and suffered serious injuries.

Unfortunately for the road-hunters, things didn't end there, TPWD says:

The hunters had called 911 to report they were being shot at. When wardens contacted the suspected road hunters, they denied having weapons and shooting at anything. Unaware that their 911 call had not been dropped as they believed, in the background officials could clearly hear someone say, "hide the gun in them woods," and "not that far, we're gonna come back and get it tonight."

Alas, such sophisticated plans were foiled.

The three hunters were found to be involved with multiple illegal shootings and burglaries. They face 24 various charges.

"Meanwhile," TPWD days, "the overzealous property owner was filed on for DWI and deadly conduct."

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