Bye-Bye, Books-A-Million (UPDATED)

BAM!! It's gone!!
We always thought a major bookstore downtown was a bit of a longshot, but Books-A-Million thought otherwise.

Until now, that is. Swamplot reports that the store in the new-ish Houston Pavilions will soon be shuttered.

Books-A-Million is kind of a southeastern Borders, with big stores in strippy kinds of malls, at least in our experience. They also are in fancier digs occasionally, and that was what they hoped for with the Pavilions, which is home to the House of Blues and Lucky Strike's hip bowling alley.

As Swamplot noted, there doesn't seem to be a lot of overlap for those markets.

We've put a call in to the Pavilions' spokesman but haven't heard back. Swamplot says the 23,000-square-foot store will be closed by January 15. Much of the stock will be redistributed.

What will fill the space will be an interesting question. Downtown redevelopment has to take off at some point, right?

Update: Swamplot is now reporting a last-second sweeter rent deal has been struck. Relevant update: We still haven't heard from the Pavilions people.

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