Flagship Hotel: On its last legs

Bye-Bye, Flagship Hotel: Did Anyone Ever Stay In It?

For 45 years, the Flagship Hotel has been a part of Galveston's seascape, out there on a pier bravely facing whatever weather the Gulf decided to throw at it.

But not for long. The hotel, which had long fallen on hard times, was heavily damaged by the 2008 storm and now will come down, the Galveston County Daily News reports.

Landry's Restaurants, the current owner of the building, will present to the city council a $30 million plan to build an amusement park and other amenities on the pier. It won't be at all like the Kemah Boardwalk, except it will.

There seems to be little question the city will approve the plan. So our question is -- Did anyone ever actually stay at the Flagship?

Driven by it countless times, sure. Maybe even driven up the driveway to get a closer look.

But in all our Galveston-going years, we don't know anyone who actually stayed there. Surely back in its heyday it was a swankienda-type place for the best families, right?

Anyone have any Flagship tales? Was it a magical place? Did Led Zeppelin fish for shark out of its windows? (No, wait, that was in the Pacific Northwest.)

Feel free to share.

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