Malisow's on tha mike, y'all...

Caged Heat

As you're driving around tonight engaging in various acts of debauchery, we suggest you tune into KPFT 'round 9 p.m. We're not stumping for the venerable Pacifica station, we're in fact plugging a guest appearance by our own Craig Malisow on KPFT's "Prison Show."

Craig, or "Sir Malisow" as he's known here, will be discussing his recent feature "Penal Violations." It's an excellent story about the Texas prison system higher-ups refusing condoms to inmates, as sex is against the rules. (And as we all know, there's absolutely no sex in prisons.) Meanwhile, they have no problem asking for $12 million a year to treat HIV-infected inmates. (Inmates, we imagine, who all got the virus from a bad transfusion, or by getting in a fight with a monkey.)

Associate producer David Babb will fill in for regular host/walking quote machine Ray Hill. We're excited for Craig, (the man has a terrific radio voice) and are looking forward to hearing his perspective.

Wonder if he'll talk about his all-time favorite prison movie... -- Steven Devadanam

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