California Department of Education Employee Busted for Obsessive Commenting on News Web Site

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Commenters are a fascinating Internet species. The anonymity that comes with posting comments on a news story gives people the opportunity to express their innermost thoughts and feelings. It also affords them the chance to be complete and utter assholes. It's as if commenters are pure id, acting like spoiled, know-it-all children demanding that everyone listen to them while they stomp their feet. It only gets worse when someone interacts with them, particularly if they disagree. Then, all hell breaks loose.

In the case of an employee of the California Department of Education, it would appear his interest in leaving comments on the website for the Sacramento Bee turned into a bit of an obsession. But, even more hilarious were his excuses.

According to JimRomanesko.com, in one year, the employee in question posted nearly 5,000 comments on the website, averaging around 25 comments per day and even leaving as many as 70 on one particularly active day. The report says his job essentially became nothing more than a facilitator for his obsession as he did virtually nothing else.

He told them he was doing this only on breaks, but when they confronted him with evidence that was not true, he claimed he was following the agency's directive to follow technology news relating to education.

I have to wonder if this man has any clue whatsoever what computer tracking software used by many employers to track the activity of their employees while on the job actually does. I have no idea if California government agencies employ said software, but my guess is it wouldn't take much research even without it to figure out this guy was full of crap.

Finally, he said the reason he did it is because he had no work and, as a result, nothing better to do despite requesting additional work from the agency. Leave it to a government employee to use the excuse that he had nothing to do as a means of explaining his obsessive commenting on a news website.

Even funnier is the fact that when contacted about him, the Bee said his frequent commenting wouldn't even make the top 20 on the website, some of whom post as many as 1,000 comments per month, though they did call his feat "impressive" because he actually had a job and their top commenters are "mostly retired folks."

So, THAT is where all those comments are coming from.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.