California Law Allows Transgender Students to Select Male or Female Bathrooms

Life can be damn confusing. And before you get all up in arms about how tough it is these days to figure things out, imagine if you spent your entire life feeling like the wrong gender. Unfortunately, that is the case for many transgender individuals. If you thought high school was difficult because jocks gave you wedgies and the hot girls treated you like the plague, imagine being transgender. That has to be extremely complicated.

But I'm not sure a new law in California will improve things or make it better. The new law allows transgender students to choose the athletic team and bathroom of the gender they identify with, which, of course, is the opposite of how they were born. As you might imagine, this has ruffled a few feathers.

According to the report from CBS News, schools had been handling this issue privately this way for some time and the law just adds enforcement to the policy. Of course, this is in California, not a state like Texas, where as live and let live as we may be, this probably would not fly.

Opponents of the law claim this will be bad for the other students because, in the most obvious example, boys would be allowed to go into girls' bathrooms and locker-room showers, leading to sometimes awkward situations.

That assumes that all boys in that situation would be, at minimum, inappropriate and, worse yet, predatory, and there is no evidence to support that claim. But it does raise the question of how people would feel in that situation. My guess is the transgender youth would be far more awkward and uncomfortable than the rest of the people in the bathroom.

But setting that aside, if a child takes hormones and identifies as the opposite gender -- never mind looks like a boy or girl -- there is a good chance no one but the school district would know. And if someone born a boy was forced to use a boy's restroom even if he had grown breasts and looked like a girl, that would most certainly be worse.

There are no easy answers to this one.

Like I said, life is damn confusing sometimes.

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