California Might Know How to Party, But Morgan Ensberg Ain't Gonna Find Good Mexican Food There

Morgan Ensberg likes his trade to the Padres because he can get some

good Mexican food

. Now, as someone who loves to visit California, who wishes he could move to California, who thinks California gets right so many things that his native Texas gets wrong, I unequivocally state the one thing that California gets wrong is Mexican food.

(And yes, I know California doesn’t do the Tex-Mex thing, but still, damn, that state just doesn’t get Mexican food.)

So, on with the baseball.

How about those Astros? Give the team a chance to end the month on a high note – finishing with more wins than losses for the month – and the team instead decided to get its ass kicked for the second game in a row, this time, losing to the Atlanta Braves by a score of 12-4. The Astros were 12-13 for July, and finished the fourth month of the season at 46-60.

There are two months and 56 games left in the season, and about the only thing I’m really confident is that I will be collecting a lunch from a friend of mine with the Astros who felt I was wrong when I said that the over/under on Astros victories this season was 75, and I took the under.

The Astros have two more games with the Braves, then head out to Miami for three with the Marlins. The good news is that Wandy Rodriguez and Woody Williams are pitching tonight and tomorrow, and we all know how good they are on the road.

I hear a lunch calling my name. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.