Call It a Second Wind. Or at Least a Breeze.

Well, now that’s a way to start off the second half of the season. The Astros have won two straight games. Next stop, 40 wins.

I’m sure that a bunch of people are thinking that the Astros are playoff bound. The team has won four of its last five games, and it has moved all of the way up to fourth place in the NL Central. The Astros record has now risen to 36-47. So, folks, before we start talking post-season, how about the team actually get to the .500 mark? The Astros only need to win 11 straight games. So, if the Astros can get to that mark, then I might be okay with a little talk about the post-season.

The Astros did win last night’s game, but it ended up being a real struggle. Woody Williams actually pitched a good game, and by the time Dan Wheeler trotted in from the bullpen to start the ninth inning, the Astros were up 7-3. By the time Trever Miller came trotting in one out later, the Phillies had two men on base and the score was 7-5. But, like I said last week, maybe it’s time the team tried Trever Miller as the closer, because he held onto to save this game.

Craig Biggio continued on his hot streak, going 3-5 with two doubles and scoring two runs. My man Hunter Pence hit another home run, scored twice, and had two RBI. Carlos Lee, fresh off of being named to the All-Star Game, homered for the 16th time.

All is not roses for the Astros. The bullpen is still in shatters. Really, when you’re happy that it’s Trever Miller who’s coming into the game, it’s not a good thing. Hell, I’d be happy to see Brad Lidge coming into a game. And you people know how I feel about Brad Lidge.

The Milwaukee Brewers continue to keep winning, so even if the Astros get to the five hundred mark, there’s just no reason to think that the Brewers are going to collapse. Coming into tonight’s game, Milwaukee has won seven of its last ten games, and the Astros are sitting 12.5 games back.

Roy Oswalt gets the start tonight, going up against Philadelphia’s Adam Eaton. Does the winning streak continue? Tune in at 7:05 to find out, or else come here tomorrow morning – well, come here Thursday morning because I don’t think the boss guy will be coming into the office to post an Astros update. Something about the Fourth of July. – John Royal

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