Cam Newton Punks Jeopardy Contestant (With VIDEO)

As game shows go, I like watching those that I feel like I could win. Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right and the old Match Game are just remedial and random enough to where I could see myself celebrating on the set.

Along those lines, I've never gotten into Jeopardy, mostly because I don't know the answers to many (if any) of the questions. That's because the questions have nothing to do with sports, food, Cinemax or Swamp People.

So when a sports question somehow sneaks through the Jeopardy question screening process, and the Ivy Leaguer contestant butchers it, then I actually get to feel good about myself for eight seconds.

Recently, the Jeopardy gods smiled upon me when a question about Cam Newton found its way into the category "Colleges and Universities":

(Just in case there's video trouble, the question was "In 2010, Cam Newton became this university's third Heisman Trophy winner." Christopher's answer? "Ohio State.")

Ohio State?!

Ha ha! Take that, Christopher, you egghead! I know something you don't know!

Not only that, but I'll bet I can dissect exactly what was going through Christopher's mind for him to spew that as his answer. "Oh fiddlesticks, college football?!? Well, I recall hearing something about Ohio State. Let's go with it..."

It's the same mentality I'd have if I got a question about poetry -- I'd just keep saying "sonnet" until it was the right answer.

Back to the video footage. Never mind the guy getting the question wrong, never mind the irony of "Cam Newton" (noted test cheater) being the subject of a question about "Colleges and Universities," and never mind the symbolism of Newton figuratively costing Christopher all of his money and then some -- the best part of the sequence is Alex Trebek, in all of his smug glory, dropping the "You're obviously not a big football fan" on Christopher.

Alex, maybe the fact that you have all of the answers in front of you precludes you from having any rational perspective, but a football question for a Jeopardy dork like Chris is the equivalent of a nuclear physics question for us "real worlders."

Trebek talking smack to Chris about incorrectly answering a football question would be like the rest of us having this exchange:

TREBEK: "A junction that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell..."

NORMAL PERSON: "What is gray matter?"

TREBEK: "No, the answer is 'What is a synapse?' Obviously you're not a neurosurgeon."

Seriously, kiss my ass, Trebek.

In the meantime, I leave you with my favorite Related Video to the above clip, a surreal Terrelle Pryor (actual Ohio State quarterback!) press conference from the 2010 season where he defends Cam Newtom against the "play for pay" allegations (shocker) to the point where he says everyone should let "kids be kids" and let him play football.

ME: "Alex, I'll take 'Rulebreakers' for $200."

TREBEK: "The gift that keeps on giving during a slow summer of sports with two locked-out sports..."

ME: "Who is Terrelle Pryor?"

TREBEK: "Correct."

Listen to Sean Pendergast on 1560 The Game and Sporting News Radio (Sirius 94, XM 208), and follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/SeanCablinasian.

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