Can You Guess Which Texas Actress Is Suing Amazon.com?

In one of the stranger lawsuits we've seen, a Texas actress has filed a "Jane Doe" fraud and invasion of privacy suit against Amazon, which she claims used her credit card info to publish her age on her IMDb profile. (IMDb is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.)

Using clues provided in the lawsuit, filed in a Seattle federal court, we've been trying to figure out who this actress might be. Here's what we know: "Being of Asian descent, Plaintiff has a given legal name that is extremely difficult for Americans to spell and pronounce," so she "adopted an Americanized stage name."

She was relatively unknown in 2008 -- that's when she first subscribed to IMDbPro in 2003, allowing her to post her biographical info on IMDb. Although she never posted her age, she noticed "that her legal date of birth had been added to her public acting profile...revealing to the public that Plaintiff is many years older than she looks." She alleges that the company could only have known her age by using her credit card information.

According to the lawsuit, the mysterious Jane Doe asked IMDb to remove her age, but the company refused.

And that's when the lawsuit reminds us of what a harsh mistress Hollywood is: "In the entertainment industry, youth is king. If one is perceived to be 'over-the-hill,' i.e., approaching 40, it is nearly impossible for an up-and-coming actress, such as the Plaintiff, to get work as she is thought to have less of an 'upside'...regardless of her appearance or talent."

Here's where things get a bit tricky, according to the suit: Amazon's "actions have had a double-whammy effect" on the actress because not a lot of people want to hire such an ancient being, but also because even when Jane Doe has auditioned for roles requiring 40-year-olds, "she does not and cannot physically portray the role of a forty-year old woman."

Which makes us wonder: Is this woman a freak? If so, why doesn't she just audition for a movie about freaks? Worked for Eric Stoltz in that one movie where he played that half-man/half-lion-faced-kid who could only get laid by blind chicks. Works for Sarah Jessica Parker, too.

So basically, we've been trolling IMDb all day for young-looking Asian women who are actually 40 or older, which actually isn't that different from what we usually do on Mondays, but at least now there's like an actual purpose!

Please, help us crack this code. But in a respectful way, 'cause we really do feel bad for this actress, whoever she is.

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