CancerForward Loses Four Board Members

Four members of the nonprofit CancerForward board of directors stepped down last week, in the wake of a Houston Press story that questioned how approximately half of the organization's money has been spent.

Two of the members, Albert "Bo" Bothe Jr. and Brian Cruver, were also co-founders. The two other members are Kate Stukenberg, a former editor for Paper City, and Kristin Kaminsky, chief administrative officer at Houston Athletic Orthopedics & Knee Center. (Cruver, CEO of Austin-based Alert Media,was unavailable for comment.)

"We resigned because we weren't getting the information that we asked for," Bothe Jr. told the Press. He declined to elaborate, and Stukenberg and Kaminsky declined to comment, but their resignations come after our own attempts to find out who was paid nearly $1 million over five years to provide the charity's IT services. 

CancerForward founder Beth Moore declined to provide the names of the vendors. She and her husband abruptly left Houston in March for Dallas, where she took a fundraising position with UT-Southwestern Medical Center. Moore resigned several days after the story ran. 

CancerForward no longer lists its board members on the website. Curiously, the charity's latest IRS filing, which Moore signed in May 2015, includes the name of a board member, Trey Velasco, who told the Press on Monday that he had resigned in March.

We reached out to Moore and board member (well, at least we think he still is — it's anyone's guess at this point) Michael Clark to see if they could tell us why four board members quit. We haven't heard back. 

It's a great sign when a nonprofit wipes the names of its board members from its home page. A true confidence-builder. 

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