Candice Schwager, Jay Lee's Harasser, Charged With Drunken Assault (Of Someone Else)

Candice Schwager, the woman who threatened to sue local photographer Jay Lee after she used his copyrighted photo without permission, has been charged with intoxicated assault with a motor vehicle.

Schwager, 41, allegedly drove her vehicle into a motorcycle June 16, injuring the bike's female passenger, and then fled the scene, according to court records. The incident occurred in the 800 block of West NASA Parkway, according to a Webster Police Department report. The report also states that police observed "two unidentified circular white pills" and a prescription pill bottle in Schwager's vehicle.

Schwager was released on $10,000 bond. Schwager pleaded no contest to DWI in 1998, was sentenced to three days in jail (with three days' credit) and ordered to pay a $1,500 fine, records show.

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We weren't able to reach Schwager, but we reached her husband, Richard, who asked how we got his number and then promptly hung up. (We're guessing he was busy attending an Awesome Husbands of America meeting with Rusty Yates).

We'll update accordingly.

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