Caption This: Rusty Hardin Steals the Spotlight on NYT Front Page

No one would ever call Rusty Hardin a shrinking violet, but when you are standing next to, arguably, the best pitcher ever to play the game of baseball, you'd think perhaps slightly greater discretion. Looking at the cover of Friday's New York Times, however, tells a different story.

The giant color photo of Hardin in front of his well-known client, Roger Clemens, after the mistrial in the government's perjury case against the former Astro, paints an interesting picture of the two Houston-area men. It's frankly more interesting than the perjury case itself, which ended with a whimper thanks to testimony introduced by the prosecution despite being ordered not to by the judge.

But, back to the image: that smile; that look on the face of the "Rocket"; that quintessentially Southern white sports coat; it's begging for an explanation. So, we leave it to you, dear readers, to caption this one. We were thinking of some sort of reference to either Foghorn Leghorn or Dan Aykroyd's Southern lawyers impersonation in the movie Doctor Detroit, but it felt like a stretch, so your call.

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