Carlos Fernandez, Three Other Teens Killed Homeless Man for a Dollar

Houston police say four teenagers have confessed to taking part in the murder of a homeless man from whom they stole a dollar.

Pedro Ramos, 32, was shot and killed April 4 in the 11700 block of Hempstead Highway.

Four teens, including a 16-year-old female, have confessed to taking part in the killing.

Carlos Daniel Fernandez, 18, has confessed to firing the shot that killed Ramos, HPD says; Marilyn Ashley Villarreal, 18, drove the car used in the robbery; Micheal Alexander Correa, 17, "has confessed to being armed during the robbery and to taking a one-dollar bill from Ramos," HPD said; and the 16-year-old female, whose name was not released, has admitted "discharging a shotgun during the robbery, but did not wound anyone."

Police began targeting the suspects after the juvenile "was shot in a recent home invasion in Harris County," police say.

Initially HPD thought Ramos had been killed for his bike and some chicken he had, but they say now only the dollar bill was taken. "The bicycle belonged to another homeless man and the chicken was eaten by other homeless individuals in the area," HPD said.

Investigations are continuing, police said, because "at least some of the suspects are believed to be responsible for additional robberies and home invasions in Houston and Harris County."

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