Carnegie Tech's Triumph Is Complete, For Now

The capitulation is complete -- the parents of the "Carnegeeks" have proven they're not to be fucked with.

HISD superintendent Abe Saavedra had threatened them with a pretty dire plan -- combine the school (which is magnet for the very smart and not physically imposing) with Worthing High, a tough, relatively poor school.

In Saavedra's defense, he somehow thought it was a good idea. On the other hand, the Carnegie parents had been energetic supporters of the recent HISD bond election because it included a new stand-alone facility for their school.

Saavedra recently announced the consolidation plan was "on hold;" that was -- understandably -- not enough for Carnegie parents.

They went to the HISD board meeting last night and asked for something firmer.

They got it.

"This is something that I think we've studied sufficiently and I think it's time to move on," Saavedra said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Which should settle things. Until HISD starts talking about how the tough economy may cause cutbacks in the bond program.

-- Richard Connelly

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