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Texans Draft Derek Stingley With Third Overall Pick In the NFL Draft

Nick Caserio made two big picks for the Texans on Thursday night.
Nick Caserio made two big picks for the Texans on Thursday night. Photo by Jack Gorman
The Houston Texans have lived in a world of irrelevance when it comes to the NFL Draft the last two years. Thanks to the Laremy Tunsil trade made by Bill O'Brien, and the two first round picks sent out, the Texans drafted just five players in each of the last two drafts, and had no picks in the first round in 2020 nor 2021. It's made the rebuild for this team and awfully rough experience, but times are changing.

On Thursday night, the Texans were one of the focal points of the NFL Draft, with the 3rd overall pick and, entering the night, the 13th overall pick, thanks to the Deshaun Watson trade. Ultimately, the Texans walked out of the first night of the draft on Thursday night with a new cornerback, a new guard, and an increased stockpile of picks for Day 2 and Day 3 of the draft,

Let's recap the happenings from a crazy first night fo the draft....

The Texans drafted LSU CB Derek Stingley, Jr. with the third overall pick.
Throughout the afternoon on Thursday, rumors swirled about what might happen in front of the Texans in the draft with the first and second picks, and those rumors heavily colored the view of Texans fans as to what the team SHOULD do. In the hours leading up to the draft, it was widely thought that Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson might be available with the third pick. Ultimately, it didn't go down that way, Hutchinson went to the Lions second overall, and the Texans chose to take Stingley, who was incredible as a freshman in 2019, but only played ten games in the last two seasons. If Stingley is healthy, he has Pro Bowl potential, and I have to imagine that the Texans drafting him so high means that they are confident he will be healthy.

The Texans traded back and drafted Texas A&M guard Kenyon Green with the 15th overall pick.
The Texans went into the evening on Thursday with the 13th overall pick, which was Cleveland's pick acquired in the Deshaun Watson trade. Rumors swirled all day long on Thursday about Nick Caserio wanting to move up into the top ten picks in the draft, but in the end, Caserio chose to move back two spots and select Texas A&M All American guard Kenyon Green, who is from Atascosita. Green is a solid player, but the best part of this sequence was the Texans walking away with a 4th round pick and two 5th round picks from the Eagles. The Texans now have 11 picks combined from the second through sixth rounds in Day 2 and Day 3 of the draft. I would expect Caserio to be very active on Friday night in trying to add another second or third round pick with the capital they've acquired. The only downside to the sequence that led to Green's selection was the Texans missing out on Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton, who went to the Ravens at 14th overall.

Who are the best prospects for Day 2 of the draft on Friday night?
Here are a few names that the Texans can look at with the 37th overall pick, the fifth pick of Day 2 tonight:

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