Catastrophic Theatre's Head Lives Up To His Theater's Name

When last we talked to Jason Nodler of Catastrophic Theatre, he was eagerly looking forward to a trip to the Netherlands for vacation and a chance to work on a new musical.

The production, on which he's working with Pixies frontman Black Francis, centers on the life of Herman Brood, a dead rocker who's a cult hero in Amsterdam and environs.

So how did the trip go?

Let's let his Facebook page tell the tale:

Sunday. May 31 -- Next stop: Amsterdam.

5:22 am: Jason Nodler is at the hospital in Amsterdame awaiting surgery. A few hours after landing here I was hit by a taxi driver who drove away. He broke my leg and my foot. I'm not having fun on my vacation.

Later: True Songs hey - just wanted to offer a partial update. jason and miki don't have a lot of access to communications now, so please know that any web silence is only due to that. we've contacted the embassy, a lawyer and some dutch friends, so hopefully they'll be able to begin moving through the red tape sooner or later. jason has pain, but sounds reasonable on the phone. will update later when there is something to report. for now, everyone is going to be ok, just dealing with a lot of hassle.

Still later: Jason Nodler Thanks to all for the well wishes. The medical system here leaves a lot to be desired. They have decided not to do my surgery without even consulting me. My nurse tells me I will be taught tomorrow how to give myself shots in my stomach and then be discharged to travel home to America for surgery. Not a fan of the Dutch today.

Hey -- maybe he got all the bad luck on this thing out of the way early. Here's hoping for a quick recovery. With some durn `Merrican doctors, if that's what's needed!

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