Cathy Comic Ending, Creating Crisis In Refrigerator-Magnet Industry

Cathy Guisewite has announced she will no longer be doing the comic strip Cathy. Yes, the comic strip Cathy was still around.

There are several horrifying ramifications from this announcement:

1. Refrigerator doors of certain types of single women across the nation will be strangely bare, no longer festooned with diet reminders of Cathy trying on bikinis or eating chocolate while going "AAACK!"

2. As a corollary, the refrigerator-magnet industry may go into a tailspin.

3. Women who were given hope by Cathy finally marrying Irving will no longer have that daily affirmation that they, too, will eventually find Mr. Right. Seeing as they're the type of women who read Cathy, though, they will be cruelly disappointed and settle for anyone they can.

4. Homer Simpson will no longer be able to discourse on how he doesn't like Cathy because the title character "has too much baggage," which is probably the best summing-up of the strip ever.

5. There is still a chance, when she realizes the money train is gone, that Guisewite will go the For Better or Worse route and run " classic" strips. Insipidness once is bad enough; insipidness in repeats is torture. AAAACK!!!

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