Celebrating Ike The Right Way -- By Candlelight

The middle of September is going to be an Ike-anniversary overload, but we kinda like the way the Little Woodrow's in Rice Village is going about it -- they're taking themselves back to those brutal, electricity-less days after the storm by cutting off the power on Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12.

Not all the power -- the refrigerators will still be running, manager Timothy Orr tells Hair Balls. And it's quite possible that if it's a sticky-hot day, the post-Ike re-enactment will magically include air-conditioning.

But other than that, it's back to the blackout.

"I'm a little nervous -- I don't know how it's going to be received," he says. "But we just want to do it so people don't forget what it was like."

What it was like, for Little Woodrow's, was actually pretty good.

"We were closed for about three days, but then one day we just tracked down this ice truck that was going down the street and loaded up," Orr says. "Then every morning the truck would return, and we'd just load up all the beer we could in the ice. No one was going to work because there was no electricity, so for a week or so we were really busy."

Candles will light the way on the two nights. It will probably be pretty nice to revisit, knowing that you can always go home -- not to a dark, stuffy, freakin'-hot house, but to a/c and a big-screen TV.

There is one other bow to 2009 reality the bar is making: During the day, electricity will be on so people can watch college football.

"There's no point in torturing people unnecessarily," Orr says. "Besides, I'd never hear the end of it if I did that."

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