"Certain Death" Doesn't Bar Commercials

In the past, when I've talked to TV meteorologists about whether or not they hype hurricanes, at some point they're quick to point out that there'd be no reason to hype, because hurricanes are a losing proposition money-wise for stations.

As KPRC's Frank Billingsley put it to us last May:

Billingsley says the idea that hurricanes are a ratings-pumping, moneymaking boon for local stations is mistaken. "There's a lot of man-hours and overtime, and we go commercial-free for a lot of it," he says.

Well, let the record show we've had KPRC on pretty much all day. Abd they haven't been forsaking any commercials this time, it seems. Even as the storm barrels down on Galveston and starts to be felt in Houston.

We generally don't get to see a whole lot of daytime TV, so we weren't familiar with many of these ads. But we certainly know now who to turn to for pest control. And that Mrs. Baird's is chock-full of tradition. And that the weirdest ad of all is the one with the two un-hinged women conducting an interview about H-E-B's great prices.

Not to mention that although we still don't get the apparent connection between washer/dryers and models strutting in lingerie, we're not complaining.

-- Richard Connelly

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