Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson Has a Sex Tape? Of Course He Does

Chad Johnson has always been one of the biggest attention whores, not just in sports but, really, well, anywhere. When he's not legally changing his last name to "Ochocinco," he's taking a stab at professional soccer for no real reason. When he's not trying to be a professional bull rider, he's filming his reality TV show.

4.1 million Twitter followers can't be wrong -- dude is a train wreck wrapped in a clusterfuck.

So wasn't it really just a matter of time before a sex tape surfaced with Chad Johnson getting his freak on?

And surface it did. Video site World Wide Hip Hop posted blurbs of the video (NSFW ALERT!) on the internet with the following explanation as to how the footage found its way into their hands:

Viewer dropped these old photos in our inbox. Allegedly Chad Ocho Cinco giving ol' girl the business. The photo is really a video that was taken as a screen-shot during Chad's alleged sexcapades with a full audience in the background. In the photo you can see what appears to be Chad hitting it from the back, and another photo of the stripper riding Chad until the wheels fall off. While everyone in the background was getting an eye-full, one woman wanted to treasure the moment forever and record it. You can see her doing so in the mirrors reflection. (World Star Hip Hop)

Indeed, Chad appears to be putting on quite the show in the still shots that have made their way onto the web. According to TMZ, Johnson acknowledges that it is indeed him on the tape, but that he "insists he never wanted the footage to go public."


Let's be very clear about one thing -- Chad Johnson doesn't do anything without a desire, be it acute or latent, for it to go public. Dancing, singing, running, talking, bull riding, shitting, pissing, he would do all of these things in public if he could. Why would sexing be any different? I mean, there were people in the room...WATCHING. Sure, you meant to keep that private, Ocho.

As for when the video was filmed, Johnson claims the escapades in the video took place about 3 or 4 years ago, which predates his rocky marriage to reality television "star" Evelyn Lozano. it has been confirmed that neither of the women Chad is laying the wood to is Lozano. (Also, neither woman is a Kardashian, which sneaks in under the deadline for "Upset of the Year" in 2012.)

TMZ goes on to say that Johnson "has no idea how the tape leaked to the Internet ... but insists he wasn't behind it." Of course, he wasn't. Johnson has said on more than one occasion that he'd like to get into porn after his playing days are over, but sure...he's not behind the leak of this "supposed to have stayed private" video. Uh huh. It should also be noted that he did just change his last name from "Ochocinco" back to the more porn friendly "Johnson" this year. Coincidence?

Johnson is supposedly pursuing legal avenues to have the video removed from the internet, which should go just fine. The internet (which in this case refers to the entire population of perverts on the face of the earth, roughly fifty gazillion) is always very cooperative when it comes to removing porn from the cyber premises.

Ask Erin Andrews. #peephole

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