Charles Donelley: Meets Underage Girl for Sex, Escapes Twice from Cops

If what the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office alleges is true, there are two things you can definitely say about Charles Donelley: Dude likes underage girls, and he hates getting arrested.

Authorities say Donnelly escaped twice from police after being arrested in the woods with a 15-year-old girl he had met online. He's been caught and is, for the moment at least, in the county jail.

A deputy who had been patrolling the woods near Willis saw Donelley and the girl on June 18 and questioned them. The girl said they'd had sex.

"The 47 year old suspect was arrested, handcuffed and placed into a Montgomery County Sheriff's Office patrol car for transport to the jail," the MCSO says. "While the deputy was assisting with the investigation the suspect broke a window of the patrol car and escaped."

A search -- including a helicopter -- failed to find the LaPorte man, so other agencies were brought in. Last night they found him at a home on Remington Bend Drive in north Houston.

"When officers approached the home, the suspect fled on foot," the sheriff's office says. He remained free for a few hours, but was eventually caught.

Officials say Donelley met the girl online and it's likely she isn't the only one.

Investigators also believe that this may not be only time the suspect has initiated contact with underage girls by using the internet.

Though the suspect is from LaPorte, Texas, victims could be scattered throughout multiple jurisdictions.

Anyone who may have had contact with Donelley should call Texas Ranger Wesley Doolittle at 936-760-5871 or they can provide information anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

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